Thursday, March 27, 2008

User an idiot no more!

Not more than 10 years ago it was not unusual to hear programmers vent their frustration about the users who were all “idiots“, and see users sheepishly admit of having clicked the “wrong button”. During those 10 years things have changed dramatically in both sides – the users are increasingly savvy and their expectations have increased significantly while the programmers, no more shielded by the mystique of the profession, dread hearing a user proclaim “who is the moron that wrote this code!”. Nowadays it is common to see puzzled users tell their programmers “what do you mean that can’t be done…?”, nowadays there is no such thing as “the wrong button”, nowadays if something goes bad with the application it is not the user who is the idiot but rather the programmer is the inept moron.

Not trying to make any point here – just an observation on one of the aspects of the evolution of the profession. Do you agree with this observation?

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