Saturday, April 19, 2008

Extending the trial period of a software

I ran across this page where someone had explained different ways of extending the trial period of a software and also listed a bunch of software (likely malware) that presumably help you extend the trial period.

Extending the trial period of a product without permission is an immoral shameless act of stealing that does not merit any discussion but what caught my attention was one of this idiot’s assumed reasons as to why one would want to go through the trouble of engaging in such activity. Says he: “Or you may be decided that the shareware is not worth to pay…”! Truly astounding! In today’s World we are constantly trading – trading our time and energy for money, our money for goods and services we need etc., and we make hundreds of “is it worth decisions” but most of us understand that worthiness is relative and the decision we make in that regard simply determines whether we choose to engage in the trade or not but it does not, it can not, entitle us to anything.

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