Wednesday, November 12, 2008

xSQL Documenter 2.0 released

We just released a new version of xSQL Documenter that adds supports SQL Server 2008, Sybase SQL Anywhere as well as new features and enhancements. Here is what's new on xSQL Documenter 2.0:
  • Support for SQL Server 2008
  • Support for Sybase SQL Anywhere 10.0 and up
  • Adds a “choose objects” page in the GUI where you can specify what object types you want to document.
  • Support for all DBMS platforms in the "exclude objects" GUI. Previously this GUI supported only SQL Server.
  • Support for arbitrary HTML in database comments – see /pt command line switch.
  • Analysis Server: support for XML comments in MDX scripts. This enables documentation of calculated members.
  • Support for cross database and cross server dependencies (through linked servers)
  • Support for column dependencies (which columns of which table a stored procedure selects or updates.
  • SQL Server: support for XML comments on objects that don't have their DDL stored on the server, such as tables. This is implemented with extended properties.SQL Server: add extended properties filter. Using this you can restrict by name the extended properties that are fetched by xSQL Documenter.

xSQL Documenter generates compiled CHM and html database documentation for virtually all DBMS platforms including SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, MySQL etc.

You can read more about xSQL Documenter and download your copy from:

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