Monday, January 5, 2009

Free SQL Compare tools for SQL Server

If you are looking for a free schema compare tool that allows you to compare and synchronize the schemas of two SQL Server databases, like your development database with the production database, then xSQL Object is the tool for you. Not only is it one of the best tools in the market (don’t take our word for it – give it a try and you will see for yourself) but what’s unmatched in the industry is the way our licensing works. I will give you the details below but the end result is that most of our users enjoy using xSQL Object completely free. Here is how our licensing works:
  • everyone downloads the same xSQL Comparison Bundle package that includes xSQL Object and xSQL Data Compare;
  • for the first two weeks the applications function as if you had purchased a professional license;
  • after the first two weeks the licensing module first checks the edition of the databases you are comparing:
    • if both databases are SQL Server Express edition then you see no difference – works the same as before;
    • if one of the databases in the comparison is something other than SQL Server Express then the licensing module checks the number of objects in that database (number of tables, stored procedures, views, functions)
      • if the number of objects is within the limits of what we call the Lite Edition then again the application works and you don’t see any difference;
      • if the number of objects is greater than those limits then you are kindly notified that to compare and sync that database you need to acquire a license. Well, someone has to pay for all that development effort that goes into our products :)
You can download xSQL Bundle from:

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