Friday, March 6, 2009

A real life Sql scripts deployment story

We got a surprise call today - a client that just purchased a license for the newly released Script Executor called to thank us (normally we thank our customers for choosing our products not the other way around)! He told us that for more than 2 years one of his most annoying weekly "chores" was to execute about 120 Sql scripts on a handful of SQL servers. The task was complicated by the dependencies between those Sql scripts - a set of scripts had to execute on Server 1 successfully before another set could be executed on Server 2 and so on. And of course within each set the scripts had to execute on a certain order. So every week he would consume many hours of his life opening and executing those 120 Sql scripts one after the other.

For the last few months he was using the free community edition of our Script Executor and it had helped him a lot but it wasn't exactly what he wanted whereas the new Script Executor 3 gave him exactly what he needed - he spent about 15 minutes configuring his Sql script deployment package and saved the project. Now, all he needs to do is click Execute and a task that once took hours takes him one minute to launch and about 10 - 15 minutes to review the results.

His words: "I would have gladly paid the $179 from my pocket if the company would not have approved the purchase. Thank you for an awesome product!"

Well, thank you! For us there is nothing better than knowing that our work is providing real value to others.

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