Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Synchronize two SQL Server databases

You are furiously pounding code on your computer and in the meantime making small changes to the local (development) version of the database as the need arises – add a column, change the type and width of another, add a view, make a change to a stored procedure and so on. At some point in the early morning hours as the World wakes up you are ready to publish your work on the production server, somewhere… – just a few clicks and the early risers will see your masterpiece (application) in action. Well, not so fast unfortunately, all those changes you made to the development database must be made to the production database otherwise your application is not going to work, is it? Now, that is some painful and tedious work to say the least. What if you forget something? And here is a twist to make this a real nightmarish scenario – remember last week when the client needed those urgent changes and you were forced to do the “unthinkable” – make changes right on the production database! Worst yet, you realize that you never got around to bringing those changes down to your local, development database – no words can describe the pain you must feel at that moment!

Is this time for panic? No it is not, it is time for xSQL Object – in just a few clicks it will show you exactly where the differences are on both sides and better yet auto-generate the scripts that you need to quickly and safely make the changes.

Download it now and eliminate “the pain” – free lite edition with no strings attached. Supports SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008.

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