Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where is Google - a support call

(this is a transcript of a January 13, 2010 call to xSQL Software’s support group)

Caller: where is SQL Server 2005 SP3 – I can’t find it?
Support: well, we are not Microsoft but I will help you. Please do a Google search for “SQL Server 2005 SP3”, the first item on the list is what you need.
Caller: but I am using Bing, is that a problem?
Support: no, it is not a problem but the results are not necessarily the same and I am not sure if what you are looking for will be the first item on the list, so, why don’t you do this one search on Google?
Caller: but Bing is my default search and I don’t know how to change it!
Support: how about going to first and then doing the search, you will not need to change anything?
Caller: oh, that is a good idea, a no brainer in fact...

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