Friday, October 21, 2011

xSQL’s Oracle Data Compare vs. the others

When you do a search for data compare tools for Oracle a bunch of competing tools come up and at first look they all seem to be similar but once you start digging a bit deeper most of them get crossed off the list because they don’t amount to more than an amateurish effort. The very few that remain are hard to separate and you are inclined to go with the most known brand - after all, who has the time to thoroughly test all the available products!
We decided to take the time and do a more thorough review of a couple of those products that made the first cut and compared them to our Oracle Data Compare. Here is what we found:
  1. Functionality: Oracle Data Compare supports Oracle Geometry, complex data types and unicode data; they DON’T
  2. Performance: in the tests we did xSQL’s Oracle Data Compare completed the tasks  30% to 40% faster while keeping the memory consumption under 100 MB whereas the next best one was at 200 MB.
  3. GUI: An argument can certainly be made in favor of simplicity but in the world of Oracle professionals having flexibility and control is important and xSQL’s Oracle Data Compare gives the user significantly more control and flexibility over the comparison and synchronization operation.
Download the free trial and see for yourself. If you wish to challenge our findings please do so – we will be delighted to hear from you!  Email us at the info address on
Note: the introductory price of $174 expires on October 31, 2011. After that the price goes back to $349. To get the introductory price use promo code ORACLEPROMO on checkout.

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