Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Google Adwords – increase quality or bid $$

I am sure that in a lot of cases when advertisers are trying to mislead the customers this makes perfect sense but it gets to be incredibly frustrating when it does not work as I would think it should.

Here is the source of my frustration: we have a cool tool for documenting databases, xSQL Documenter that allows the user to automatically generate compiled CHM and HTML documentation for databases on virtually any platform – you can document SQL Server databases, Oracle databases, DB2 databases, MySQL databases, Informix databases, Access databases, PostgreSQL databases.

Now one would think (at least I think) that the keyword/phrase “document database” is as relevant as it can possibly get and a browser who plugs in “document database” on the google search box would be well served when directed to a page like the xSQL Documenter page. But, unfortunately the google algorithm does not “think” so – it keeps pushing me to increase quality or raise the bid and since there isn’t much I can do to improve the quality I am left with the other choice, that is, “raise the bid”! Are they price-gauging or is it just an imperfect algorithm?

Please feel free to comment or tell your google adwords story.

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