Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Free SQL compare tools - no pestering

Most of the software vendors claiming to provide free software do one or a combination of the following:
  • load the app with annoying messages trying to push you to purchase the commercial version of their software;
  • severely limit the functionality of the application and every time you click on let's say a button that presumably gives you access to some critical functionality you are invited to purchase the commercial version;
  • implement trial periods after which you can't use the software anymore.
Are those helpful? Yes, absolutely, they allow the user to get a feel for the product before deciding to purchase but... saying that you are giving something for free to the customer is a bit misleading to say the least.
Enter xSQL Object (schema) and xSQL Data Compare (data) two of the best database comparison and synchronization tools in the market - when you download xSQL Bundle that includes those two awesome tools you get a truly free set of very helpful tools.
  • no requirement to register or activate;
  • no annoying reminders inviting you to purchase the higher version ;
  • full functionality
So, what's the catch? Do we have a paid for version? There is no catch and yes we do have a paid for version that is no different from the free version with one important difference: only when one of the databases in the comparison is on a SQL Server edition higher than SQL Server Express AND there are more than certain number of objects in the database then you get a gentle reminder that this edition of xSQL Object / xSQL Data Compare does not support this database.
Judging from our statistics over 90% of our users fall into the free category that never needs to pay a dime for those tools and is never bothered by reminder messages.

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