Friday, May 30, 2008

RSS feed from SQL Server – cool

RSS Reporter is a very simple tool and that is the beauty of it. In addition of providing one of the best ways to monitor SQL Server jobs it provides something even cooler – it allows you to write any T-SQL query you want and with one click the results of your query are streamed in an elegant, standard RSS feed that you can subscribe to from any device, now that is beautiful!

No more wasting time updating your many bosses with the results of whatever ad-hoc queries they keep asking you to run for them, no more IT meetings to decide whether you need to take the time to implement a report that you think you will be asked to generate again and again. With RSS Reporter you write your query once and you send your bosses the link to the automatically generated RSS feed and they can get an update anytime they want, on whatever device they want without having to bug you ever again for that same query.

Is this cool tool expensive you ask? How does free sound to you? Yes, it is completely free for one SQL Server instance and only $99 for 5 SQL Server instances.

You can read more about it and download your free copy from:

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Jud Smith said...

requires that you have IIS running