Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Would you do an exclusive advertising deal if you could?

This is a business ethics question that has been bothering me for a while so I decided to post it here and see what other people think. Let's say, hypothetically, we had the power to get into an exclusive deal with google whereby anytime any one in the World searches for database comparison and synchronization tools, xSQL Software (http://www.xsql.com/) and its products, xSQL Object and xSQL Data Compare, would be the only results that would come up - no other company would be allowed to place an ad for that type of search! The little greedy me says "that would be awesome" - we would quickly capture that niche market and literally crush the competition, and wait, it gets even "better", we don't even need to invest anymore (not much at least) on developing those products since no competition can possibly threaten us! The good me says "no - that won't be fair and even worst it would completely suck the fun out of developing those kind of tools".

Now, at this point, this is not a moral dilemma for us yet as we have a long way to go to get to the position where we may have enough power to get to such exclusive advertising deals - of course not with google but with small user group sites etc., but we have more than once experienced knocking on some doors and getting turned down with a "sorry, we can't advertise your products as they compete with the products of one of our special sponsors". Of course that does not feel good... but when reason overpowers those bad feelings we find ourselves asking the question "wouldn’t we do the same thing if we could?".

So the question to all of you is: if you had the power would you do it or not, and why yes or no?
Thanks for your comments!

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Blogger King said...

Do it by all means. There is no moral problem here. The only problem may be that it will cost you too much money for that privilege.

- Blogger Chief