Friday, May 16, 2008

xSQL Script Executor a cool and free tool for SQL Server

xSQL Script Executor which can be found here: is a very simple tool that allows the user to select a list of T-SQL scripts and folders containing T-SQL scripts and execute them in the desired order, with one click, against one or more databases.

The user can choose to wrap all the scripts in one big transaction, wrap them in separate transactions or execute them without wrapping them in transactions.

So how is xSQL Script Executor helpful for database administrators? Well, here is a simple scenario:
  • you are the database administrator in charge of executing the scripts that individual developers and dbas from different units in your organization place in a repository daily.
  • Each unit has its own “folder” where its developers and dbas place their scripts.
  • Every night you are faced with this simple but daunting task – execute those scripts against one or multiple databases. What are your options:
    o Manually open those scripts one after the other and execute them and hope to be done by next morning; OR
    o Get xSQL Script Executor, spend a few minutes creating the list of folders/scripts to be executed, order them, automatically generate command line commands – one for each server/database the scripts need to be executed against, put those in a batch file, schedule the batch to run when you want it to run and you are done. There, that part of your job has been converted from many boring hours into… well, whatever you want it to be – you can still pretend you are busy running those scripts though.
Here is the best part of all – this tool is completely free, no strings attached, no activation, no registration nothing – simply download and enjoy.
Don’t forget to do your friends a favor – tell them about this life saving (well for some it is) tool – here is the link again:

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