Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New data types supported by xSQL Software's database comparison tools

The just released xSQL Object v3, xSQL SDK v3 and xSQL Builder v2 support all new data types that Sql Server 2008 introduces as well as the enhancements on the existing data types. xSQL Object allows you to compare and synchronize SQL Server database schemas, xSQL SDK allows you to integrate database schema comparison and synchronization in your application and xSQL Builder allows you to package SQL Server databases in an an easy to deploy executable.

Following is the list of the new and enhanced SQL Server 2008 data types
  • date: a date/time data type that stores only the date portion.
  • time: a date/time data type that stores only the time portion.
  • datetime2: similar to existing datetime data type, but with a larger fractional seconds and date range.
  • datetimeoffset: a date/time data type that has time zone awareness.
  • geography: a new data type for geodetic spatial data defined latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • geometry: a new data type for planar spatial data defined by coordinate on a plane (used mostly for maps).
  • hierarchyid: used to store hierarchical relationship.
  • FILESTREAM varbinary(max): a variation of varbinary(max) that stores the BLOB data as file in the file system outside the database.

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