Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Support for SQL Server 2008 – new release

We are very excited to announce a major new release of the following tools which now provide full support for SQL Server 2008:

  • xSQL Object V3 (free for SQL Server Express)
  • xSQL Data Compare V3 (free for SQL Server Express)
  • xSQL SDK V3
  • xSQL Builder V2
  • RSS Reporter V3 (free for one SQL Server instance)
  • xSQL Object Search V2 (free tool)
  • xSQL Script Executor V2 (free tool)

What's new - a detailed description of changes and enhancements on this new release can be found at: <>. Following are some highlights:
  • Support for all new or enhanced data types such as geography, geometry, hierarchyID etc.
    Support for the table level change tracking feature introduced by SQL Server 2008.
  • Data compression support for tables, primary key constraints, unique constraints and indexes.
  • Support for the enhanced full-text catalogs and indexes.
  • Support for Remote Service bindings for Service Broker.
  • Improved object dependency handling.

You can download those tools from: http://www.xsql.com/download/

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