Friday, October 31, 2008

xSQL Script Executor - batch parsing modes

In addition of adding support for SQL Server 2008 the new version of xSQL Script Executor adds a user option called batch parsing mode which determines the type of batch parsing that will be performed on the source scripts. The purpose of the batch parsing is to identify batches which are T-SQL statements in the script files separated by GO. xSQL Script executor supports the following batch parsing modes:
  • Simple: is the fastest batch parsing mode. It simply identifies batches in the source script with very little overhead.
  • Common: the source scripts are parsed first to remove T-SQL comments, and then batches parsing takes place
  • Thorough: the source scripts are parsed to remove comments, string constants, dynamic scripting and then the batch parsing takes place. The "Thorough" mode can take significantly longer than the other parsing modes. If you know that the source files do not contain dynamic scripting, Common or Simple mode will do the job well.

xSQL Script Executor is a free utility that provides for executing multiple T-SQL scripts against SQL Server. You can download your copy of xSQL Script Executor from:

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